Dreaming about your love


Dreaming about your loved one is a common dream.

Women like men, heterosexual or homosexual, find loved people in their dreams and live with them often strong parallel stories, sometimes funny but always interesting in terms of symbolism.

Although common, dreaming of your loved one is most often pleasant. Whether it is a pure and simple reproduction of reality or a projection into the future, this dream, which is not necessarily erotic, often occurs during a period of separation.

For Freud, dreaming of the person you share your life with is eminently compensatory. Your dream allows you to demonstrate feelings and actions that you wouldn’t dare to experience or perform in normal times.

But, this form of dream can also be very narcissistic in nature. For Jung, dreaming of your love is above all dreaming of a part of yourself represented by the other. So in your dream, your husband represents the male part that is in you.

We can also see quite simply in the dream of the loved one a confirmation of the feeling of love.

Please note: the dreams we are talking about here only concern dreams made with people who are still alive and with whom we have a real relationship. Otherwise, we fall into the categories of “dreaming of a deceased” or “dreaming of infidelity”.

The other loved one is often summoned in dreams. Sometimes it’s a pure and simple reproduction of reality as if we wanted to continue living a pleasant situation or finish settling a conflict. But dreaming of the special person you really love is common
when that person is absent. The dream doesn’t have to be erotic. It can just be a compensation for the absence or a projection into the future of moments that we know to be pleasant.

Variants of this dream

Dreaming of your marriage, dreaming of your first sexual relationship, dreaming of being loved, dreaming of the man you love

Freudian Interpretation

For Sigmund Freud, the fact of dreaming of the man or woman who shares your love life has an eminently compensatory character. Either the real life continues under the clothes of the dream, or one embellishes the real by the dream with missing elements, which allow to better accept the sentimental life. The dream can also stage anger or violent acts towards the other. Again, it’s a way of expressing feelings and actions that you wouldn’t dare to feel or do in a normal way.

This form of dream can also be very narcissistic in nature and ultimately it will only be by oneself that one will dream especially if the loved one is magnified in the dream. The more beautiful the other is with you, the more you feel beautiful yourself!

Jungian Interpretation

For Carl Gustav Jung and his disciples, to dream of the person you love is to dream of a part of yourself represented by the other.

In heterosexuality, the man will seek a representation of his anima (female part of the man) while dreaming of his companion and the woman of his animus (male part of the woman) while dreaming of his companion.

We can also see quite simply in the dream of the loved one a representation of love and its dreamlike confirmation.
Analysis of the dream of Eric, 36 years old: Dreaming of riding with his beloved

“My companion is there near me. We are on beautiful horses and trot on the beach at sunset. I tell myself that this dream is too beautiful but she turns to me and whispers:” Nothing is too beautiful for us! “as if she had read my thoughts …” Eric, 36 years old.

“How not to see in this dream image all the clichés, the romanticism and the deep expectations of many of our contemporaries as to what love should be! Nevertheless, this is what the dreamer lives and even in this dream , he wonders about the beauty of what he is experiencing! We can say in reality: “It is a dream life!”; and in sleep, we can say conversely that “it’s a living dream!”. ”

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